Herefordshire Food Links Directories

As well as the online Directory, we also publish a hard copy version, featuring many of the members listed here - great for giving out to customers, or for guests in holiday cottages, hotels and b&bs. If you would like some of these, they are avilable from local food retailers, or directly from Herefordshire Food Links - get in touch for your copy.


  • Arkstone Mill produce
    home and locally grown f&v

  • Bookers

  • Caplor Farm

  • Gamber Growers

  • Phillip Jones
    wholesaler mentioned in Adventa report - location?

  • Phoenix Organics Wholesalers Ltd

  • Redbridge
    certain local lines

  • The HEFF Delivery Service
    In partnership with HEART distribution they now service trade buyers with a range of over 80 producers and 2000 product lines - products delivered on one invoice on delivery with one point of contact for ordering.

  • Wye Fruit

  • Organic Revolution
    home and locally grown f&v also supplying restaurants and local retail outlets

  • Skylark Organics
    homeand locally grown f&v

  • Carey Organic
    homegrown produce

  • Rainbow View
    csa project and box scheme

  • Herefordshire Deli Hampers
    herefordshire produce

  • Bartonsham Farm Dairies
    distributes to homes, restaurants, schools and retailers

  • The Herefordshire Food Links network is co-ordinated by the Brightspace Foundation and is part-financed by the European Union (EAGGF) and DEFRA through the Herefordshire Rivers LEADER+ programme.
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