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As well as the online Directory, we also publish a hard copy version, featuring many of the members listed here - great for giving out to customers, or for guests in holiday cottages, hotels and b&bs. If you would like some of these, they are avilable from local food retailers, or directly from Herefordshire Food Links - get in touch for your copy.

Regional and National Campaigns & Initiatives

  • Change 4 Life

  • Friends of Earth Food Chain Livestock Feed Campaign
    Calling on Government to revolutionise the way we produce meat and dairy, to stop funding large factory farming systems which rely heavily on soy feeds.

  • Real Bread Campaign
    The Real Bread Campaign is a coalition of consumers, bakers and campaigners interested in the nutritional quality and environmental sustainability of bread. The aim of the Real Bread Campaign is to promote more people to make, buy and eat Real Bread.

  • Food For Life
    Programme to improve food in schools - Soil Association, Garden Organic, Health Education Trust.

  • Think Food and Farming
    Rural Hub - Follow up to Year of Food and Farming. Find out how food is grown and produced, explore why food, and how we produce it, matters, make informed choices about food and healthy nutrition

  • Fruit in School
    Part of the 5 a day programme to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, all four to six year olds in state schools will be entitled to a free piece of fruit or vegetable each school day.

  • Million Meals Campaign
    Improve the experience of food in schools. Since September 2006, every pupil taking a school lunch is guaranteed, by law, a balanced, nutritious meal. Millions meals campaign aims to make sure that they are being eaten. Really useful case studies, expert

  • Let's Get Cooking Programme
    support for new and existing after school cookery clubs, funding and training, funded by School Food Trust

  • Learning Outside The Classroom Manifesto
    encouraging more outdoor and off-site teaching and learning. Including farms etc

  • License to Cook
    Cooking skills for young people. British Nutrition Foundation, The Design and Technology Association and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. It is designed to address the standards, skills and knowledge that support food education, ensuring that t

  • Small Change, Big Difference

  • Eat Well Stay Well
    Programme aimed at older people cooking at home. Food Standards Agency To promote food safety and nutrition among a vulnerable group, based in the home Reducing the health risks for older people associated with poor food hygiene practices and poor diet in

  • Cool Farming
    Details the destructive practices resulting from industrial agriculture and presents workable solutions to help reduce its contribution to climate change.

  • Meet The Buyer
    connecting producers to supermarket buyers, minimum of 6 events each year

  • Food and Drink Insights
    A market intelligence service for producers

  • Product benchmarking
    Benchmarking products with the use of a consumer tasting panel.

  • The Ethnic Mentoring Scheme

  • Farmhouse breakfast week
    Farmhouse Breakfast Week is an annual campaign that emphasises the importance of eating a healthy breakfast every day. 'Think Breakfast' is the theme of this year's celebration to encourage everyone to wake up to breakfast as part of a healthy balanced di

  • Open Farm Sunday
    Farmers welcome family, friends and neighbours onto their farms.

  • Red Tractor Scheme
    Over 78,000 farmers and growers are now members of the scheme, all committed to maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene, animal welfare and environmental protection.

  • Grab 5!
    To encourage primary school children and their families to eat more fruit and vegetables, aims to embrace all interested bodies including fruit and vegetable retailers, producers and processors, caterers, community groups, policy makers, government depart

  • Asda 3-a-day dairy bus
    The ASDA 3-a-day Dairy Bus has been built to visit schools and teach children about Dairy products, where they come from and how they benefit the body.The bus is fully interactive with hands-on and multi-media activities for children.

  • School Milk Project

  • Lottery Heritage Fund
    Used by some initatives to preserve elements of food and farming heritage

  • Local Food Fund
    Programme to support projects which makes locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities.

  • Savour The Flavour

  • HEFF Diamond Awards
    food and drink product awards in 2nd year

  • British Food Fortnight
    Celebrating British food and produce

  • Grow Your Own Potatoes Scheme
    Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) linked to the curriculum for Primary Schools, is a Potato Council initiative that challenges Primary Schools to grow their heaviest yield of potatoes.

  • Growing For Schools Scheme
    Helps schools get a kitchen garden up and running. Partnership between TESCO and Purely Nutrition (who run Phunky Foods). They send some gardening equipment, seeds and plants, plus lots of information and advice on how to deliver it. They also conect sch

  • Garden Organic For Schools

  • Cook It! Competition

  • Farming In The Classroom
    The WFU have 210 trained speakers who can bring farming and the rural environment into your classroom - at no cost to your school. They cover a broad range of topics relevant to Key Stage 2 including Food Production, Farm Animals, Environment, Life Cycles

  • RHS Schools Programme
    The RHS Campaign for School Gardening aims to encourage and support schools to develop and actively use a school garden. As part of the campaign we will provide teachers with resources through this website and an extensive programme of CPD days.

  • Focus On Food
    Waitrose / Royal Society of Arts. A leading practical fod education and outreach programme, provides cooking buses

  • Artie Beat Club
    British Heart Foundation Membership club for children - healthy living related fun resources including healthy eating items

  • Little Foodies Club
    Paid membership scheme with monthly packs for children with activities and a Foodies Book - seasonal focus for Early Years and KS1. Family versions and versions for childcare settings, schools and childminders

  • Phunky Foods
    Schools programme KS1-2 including teachers resources for one hour each of food and exercise teaching for every week.

  • The Herefordshire Food Links network is co-ordinated by the Brightspace Foundation and is part-financed by the European Union (EAGGF) and DEFRA through the Herefordshire Rivers LEADER+ programme.
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