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As well as the online Directory, we also publish a hard copy version, featuring many of the members listed here - great for giving out to customers, or for guests in holiday cottages, hotels and b&bs. If you would like some of these, they are avilable from local food retailers, or directly from Herefordshire Food Links - get in touch for your copy.




CPRE Mapping Local Food Webs Report


National charity CPRE have published a report into the economic and social value of local food to Ledbury. Only a few days later a Herefordshire Council meeting rejected a major out-of-town supermarket application, citing the impact on Ledbury High Street trade as one of the reasons for refusal.


Click here to go to the report 


From Field to Table - A Sustainable Food and Drink Strategy for Herefordshire


Food has a key role in the development of our local economy, in public health, and in shaping the landscape and wider environment. 


On 24th Jan 2011 the government launched its Foresight Report on Food and Farming Futures. The report makes clear that global hunger is one of our most urgent challenges and says that the current food system is unsustainable and needs to be radically re-designed.

The report also emphasises that increasing yields must not come at the expense of sustainability, and recommends that the most 'resource intensive' foods are curbed and that waste in food production is minimised

The Herefordshire Food Partnership has been grappling with these very issues in order to identify solutions to some of the challenges of securing the future of food in Herefordshire.

A series of events was held around the County which set out why we need to take a strategic approach to food; proposed a set of priority actions to address some of the key local and global issues; and asked the people of Herefordshire for their views on those priorities.

Click on this link to download a copy of the document from the Bulmer Foundation web site:


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The Herefordshire Food Links network is co-ordinated by the Brightspace Foundation and is part-financed by the European Union (EAGGF) and DEFRA through the Herefordshire Rivers LEADER+ programme.
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